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Welcome to Free-Slots.Games!

On our website, you will find a wide variety of free video slots as well as other casino games from the leading software developers that specialize in making games for online casinos. We do not accept any payments! All games located on our website are completely free; they do not require registration or deposits, and their demo versions are available 24/7.



How to play?

In order to start playing on our website all you need is an internet connection. You do not need to install anything since everything can be accessed straight through your browser. You can use our website as training grounds for learning how to play gambling games, test out different slots, and look at their bonus rounds before you bet any money. Our website is also a great way of killing some time without spending a dime. All you need to do is to pick a game, click on it, and play to your heart’s content. Aside from the main navigation menu, our website also has a search bar, filters, and many methods of sorting the search results.

We are always looking for new content and are constantly updating our selection of slot games. However, if for some reason you were unable to find your favorite game, you’ll definitely find it on one of the online casinos that can be accessed via our website. All you need is to go to the “casinos” section of our website and sort the list of games based on the game manufacturer. This way, you’ll be able to find any slot machine in existence.

If you’re just taking the first steps into the world of gambling, then we recommend you to read our “newbie guide,” which will tell you all about the functionality of video slots, their different kinds, and the variety of bonus features and bonus rounds.

What should you do if you run out of coins?

Each time you start a game on our website, you’ll be given 5000 coins. If you lost all the chips, all you have to do is to reload the page or click on the “Reload Credits” button located next to the video slot. By doing this, you will regain 5000 coins, allowing you to play once again! When playing via a mobile device, all you have to do is close and reopen the game. You can do this when playing any slot machine as many times as you like! The number of free spins is unlimited!

How to play using a mobile device?

You don’t need to do anything special when accessing our website via your mobile device. Our website has cross-platform support and the majority of games use HTML5. This means that they can run on any device using any browser.

Furthermore, we have implemented the “Progressive Web Apps” technology, which allows you to add the icon of our website to the home screen of your mobile device. When you load our website via this icon, it will look like an app regardless of whether you’re using Android or iOS.

Additionally, our website offers a large number of games that use Flash format. By default, they can be viewed only using desktop and are not shown on mobile devices; however, they can still be viewed on mobile devices by activating a certain filter when using the search bar. If you have any troubles loading Flash games on a mobile device or PC, then you’ll benefit from taking a look at the article named: “How to run Flash in 2020?” If you want to take a look at the whole list of mobile games, then go to the page called “mobile slots.”

What are the reasons for playing free slot machines?

There are many reasons for playing free demo slots including:

  • Discover new games! You can look at the graphics, learn all the mechanics, and test out the bonus rounds of a video slot free of charge. No registration or deposit needed!

  • Practice, test, and win! You can test out all your strategies by playing free slots before starting to play using real money. You have no time limit, which means that you can practice for as long as you like!

  • Spend some quality time playing your favorite games! Free-Slots.Games is the perfect place for killing a bit of time by playing your favorite slot machine without having to pay a dime.

Our advantages.

There many other websites that look similar to Free-Slots.Games; however, looks can be deceiving! In the majority of cases, such websites feature games from the servers of online casinos. Slot games on such websites are a promo for the real games, which means that they may have a limited number of free spins and/or inbuilt ads. Additionally, such video slots may not work in your country, since the online casino, from which the game was taken, may be blocked by the jurisdiction of your country. Sounds familiar? Then we’re here for you!

Here is what sets us apart from the rest:

  • We only use our own server for placing games. Thus, all slot machines placing on the site will work perfectly, no matter where our users are located!

  • We guarantee that there are no ads within the games that you will find on our website!

  • We do not limit your playing time and do not bother you with popup ads.

  • The number of chips for free slot games is unlimited!

  • You can access our website in a snap. Just add the icon of our website to the home screen of your smartphone, and you’ll get an online app with your favorite slot games.

In essence, we can proudly say that this is the best place for playing free demo slots. Enjoy yourself and may the odds be ever in your favor! Yours truly, Free-Slots.Games!

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